Snow White

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SALI's Farm offers a permanent home to abused and neglected animals. These animals are often considered "useless" because they are severely injured. We will provide our animals a home suited to their individual species needs and that replicates as closely as possible their natural environment. SALI's model is based on the human/animal bond and partnering with farm animals to help at-risk children.


Rescue Date: May 3, 2015 

Snow White
Money doesn’t buy happiness

This is the truest statement for the fate of three barn cats who were living at Shirrocco Horse Stable in Langley including; 35 manicured acres, state of the art horse stalls, mansion and pool. Two cats, Snow White and Elvis had been re-homed here after finding themselves at the Surrey Animal Resource Centre due to litter box issues. But no one knows how Bobby found his way to this stable. All three were favourites of the horse riding crowd and were very well taken care of. When this property went up for sale, the new owners wanted all the animals gone asap. We got a call from a SALI volunteer who told us that there were animals at Scirocco horse stable that were in trouble. We immediately thought we were going to be asked to take in horses and felt bad because we weren’t prepared to take on more horses at that time. When we were asked to take in 3 cats, well that was a different story. We had a renovated hay loft that was a perfect spot for barn cats.
Snow White looks like she belongs on The Housewives of Surrey, but is actually one tough, street smart feline, although her finicky food attitude fits in with her Persian breed. We love this contrast between luxury and down to earth sensibility that Snow White brings to the farm.
We don't know exactly how many homes Snow White has had, but this will be the last one.  She will live out the rest of her life here at SALI's Farm Sanctuary.