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SALI's Farm offers a permanent home to abused and neglected animals. These animals are often considered "useless" because they are severely injured. We will provide our animals a home suited to their individual species needs and that replicates as closely as possible their natural environment. SALI's model is based on the human/animal bond and partnering with farm animals to help at-risk children.


Rescue Date: March 29, 2014

Chase, a 20 year old quarter horse, was seized in a BCSPCA cruelty investigation at a rural property in Clearwater. In April of this year, Chase arrived at SALIʼs Farm, skin and bones, lame, and easily spooked.

Two groups of children came to the farm in the Spring and their primary duty was to help Chase gain weight and feel safe. At the end of the 8-week program, Chase had gained 90 pounds and was glowing from all the tender loving care he received. Our vet has diagnosed Chase with navicular disease in his two front hooves. Again, this means Chase cannot be ridden and this is why SALIʼs Farm is such a good fit for him. We have learned how to treat this condition and are confident that Chase has lots more good years left. He has a safe home at SALIʼs Farm for the rest of his life and will get lots of attention from our volunteers and the children who are in our farm program.

SALI is unable to get the details of the abuse and neglect Chase suffered, because it is an ongoing cruelty investigation. So it is up to our volunteers to get to know him and listen closely to what he wants to tell us. So far he has told us that he loves belly rubs even more than treats, he is fearful of new things, but is willing to slowly investigate them if he is asked politely, and he loves to give kisses.

Many of the children that come to SALIʼs Farm have suffered from abuse and neglect. Chaseʼs story gives the children hope that they too can heal from their abuse and that there is a safe place for everyone.