Kids Camp Badger

Camp Badger

SALI is incredibly excited to announce Badger’s Camp, our first (and hopefully annual) kids summer camp!

Focused on connection to animals and the natural world

August 12 - 16
9:00 - 3:00 pm
Sali's Farm in South Surrey

news-button.png All proceeds help at-risk children & animals in your community.


Badger’s Camp is a heart-centered summer camp for any child from 8 to 11 years old who loves animals, big and small!

Its an extension of SALI’s mission to spread a message of compassion, kindness, and connection through our partnership with animals and the natural world. This will be an intimate, hands-on experience for a small group of campers, who will spend plenty of time interacting with our animals and helping in their care. 

We want Badger’s Camp to provide a memorable experience for all our campers, a place where they can both connect with animals and learn to connect with themselves! 

Each day of the camp will have a loose theme that provides the campers with an opportunity to explore both who they are and who they want to become. Some practices we want to gently integrate into the itinerary will include yoga and meditation.

Early bird special for SALI members is until May 15th 


Reserve your child's spot now, after May 15th it will be $350

The Farm is located near the Beautiful Redwood Park in South Surrey BC Canada; we keep the address secure to protect the safety and privacy of the children and the animals.
The exact address will be provided shortly after your childs registration.

The week will be filled with: 

Nature and animal-centered games and activities.

Learning how to create compassionate cuisine and healthy treats from SALI’s wonderful garden.

Plenty of arts and crafts! We believe in giving kids the space to express themselves, create, explore, and get messy!

One way we would like to encourage meditation and the art of observing your environment is something called a ‘sit spot.’ A sit spot is a special place in the natural world that each child will choose for themselves – a place they are drawn to. They will take out a few minutes each day to visit this spot and observe not only how it has changed, but how they are changing as well. This is a great way for kids to look back on the day and integrate what they have learned. It encourages self-care, connection with nature, following their intuition, and the art of being still and observing. The idea is that they keep building on this at home and find their very own sit spot, a place for reflection within their everyday life.

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