SALI's Farm offers a permanent home to abused and neglected animals. These animals are often considered "useless" because they are severely injured. We will provide our animals a home suited to their individual species needs and that replicates as closely as possible their natural environment. SALI's model is based on the human/animal bond and partnering with farm animals to help at-risk children.


Rescue Date: June 17, 2015
Died: Oct 15, 2015

From the day we got her, we knew Thelma was a very special bird who represented all the baby chicks who are quickly disposed of because they have bad legs.  The acceptable percentage of baby chicks born with deformed legs is 1 - 3%.  Against all odds, Thelma ended up at our sanctuary with her sister Louise and enjoyed a very good life as a baby chick.  As she got bigger, we needed to get professional help to fix her legs.
Our saint showed up in a blue lab coat, at Night Owl Bird Hospital, Dr. Ann MacDonald.  Dr. Ann took Thelma under her wing and never gave up for 3 months.  Thelma was dearly loved at the clinic and each week her muscles were getting stronger and her tendons were stretching.  But, on October 15 Thelma took a turn for the worse with severe breathing issues and with consultation with us at the farm and Dr. Anne, we decided it was time to let her go.
Billions of chicks are bred each year in North America and are treated as a commodity to be used and abused.
Having Thelma and Louise in our life makes us all stop and ponder what our simple dietary choices mean to the suffering of animals.  Just because Thelma was a chicken, doesn't mean she deserved to be treated poorly.  
Thelma was a very cool chick, we were so lucky to know her and I wish more people and children could have met her.  RIP dear one.
Keryn Denroche, Founder/Director