Rescue Date: Mar 22, 2017

SALI received a FB message from Elie's owner after seeing Louise on Global TV. She asked if there was anyway we could help Ellie. I was drawn to Ellie's story because her owner is so kind and compassionate, and only wanted the best for Ellie but she is deathly afraid of birds! We were told that Ellie had a broken leg and her owner didn't know what to do. Ellie's owner offered to support her ongoing care. We said yes, and she arrived from Kelowna on March 22nd.

It turns out that Ellie didn't have a broken leg, she had a severely deformed leg which she held behind her. We took several weeks getting to know her and come up with a health care plan. She had surgery at Night Owl Bird Hospital in Kitsilano (Louise's vet). She had her badly deformed foot and lower part of her leg up to elbow amputated. She came through the operation well, but is not such a good patient as Louise. She gets nervous very easily and needs a lot of reassurance by our volunteers. Which of course she gets in spades.

By removing this deformed part of her leg, will mean that we have options for giving her a possible prosthetic or wheelchair.
Ellie arrived just in time for the Spring Children's Program and the children were involved in her care.


SALI's Farm offers a permanent home to abused and neglected animals who are considered “useless.” Louise is out to win over your heart and help you discover the wonderful and delightful world of chickens, if they are only given a chance. Louise is now in his forever home and will pay it forward by partnering with at risk children to help them heal.