Generations of Kindness

There are many things I love about our annual gala at the farm: showcases the farm (we’ve even had a request to hold a wedding at our farm), the vegetarian menu is created just for us, it’s always a gorgeous sunny day, our guests and volunteers make the “…
older and younger daughter volunteering every year at the gala… granddaughter and grandson volunteering with animal care… an amazing culture to be part of. Families volunteering /blog/2016/09/new-generation

Faye Land: Volunteer Spotlight

Many of the volunteers have been with SALI for years and they are a constant, they keep coming back year after year, month after month, and day after day. In that respect, I’m just a probee but proud to be a SALI volunteer.

Volunteer Spotlight: Dawn Gilfillan

Our first inkling of Dawn's passion "to make it happen and have fun along the way," was the Black Tails & Boots Gala in 2012.  Back then we ran our Children's Program out of M&M Connemaras. Our gala was in their back garden that had a pool. Dawn was run…

Volunteer Spotlight: Corinne Ayers

As we all know, at the heart of SALI is the Children's Program and at the heart of the Children's Program is our wonderful Corinne. In 2012, when Keryn wanted an opinion regarding our first rescue animal Badger and whether he would fit into her vision …

Volunteer Spotlight: Jane Thrall

When I initially moved to the White Rock area I was newly retired and looking for a way to contribute to the community and make connections. SALIs farm was the perfect fit for me; the volunteers and organizers are friendly and open, the animals offer unco…

Volunteer Spotlight: Ryan Cheys

I wanted to make better use of my free time as well as doing something active and helpful in the community. SALI’s mission statement has always stuck with me …“to honour, respect and protect the animal human bond” as well as “for people to improve the liv…
as well as volunteering for a wedding on the farm /blog/2018/07/volunteer-spotlight-ryan-cheys

Volunteer Spotlight: Tatiana Tomljanovic

I found SALI around the time I stopped walking around in a sleepless zombie daze due entirely to being a new mom. My passion is working with at-risk children so I Googled "at-risk kids" and "South Surrey" and up popped this incredible website called SALI.…

Volunteer Spotlight: Debbie Noble & Sandy Smith

Sandy and Debbie are our Friday “open” super duo. Debbie says “We like to wear our SALI t-shirts and look like the A Team!”. The two met on the tennis court at their complex. Sandy fell in love with the sport several years ago. Along with all her o…