Evil visited this community today

Dec 15, 2012

This is another difficult post to write.  There are no words.  But, silence is not going to help us.  Violence against our most vulnerable continues.  I do not agree with the headline, "Evil visited this community today."  Rather, evil has been brewing in this community (and other communities) for many years.  An important prevention/intervention piece is missing in our culture that allows the perpetrators to devise and commit these acts. In many cases it takes year...

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The Jane Goodall Factor

Nov 01, 2012

Too many times to count I am asked why do I focus on helping animals when so many people in the world are suffering. The comment usually comes at our events where we are celebrating the human/animal bond. I have always been passionate about helping animals and never felt the need to explain. But the comment seems to be so easily thrown out without any actual thought process and I'm starting to see the need to explain. One day I hope I will be able to explain it all as eloquently as Jane...

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Issues with local vet - what to do

Sep 11, 2012

A SALI volunteer got a call last week from one of our past clients who needed emergency vet care for her cat. We don't normally help with vet visits because we don't have the funds, but we couldn't ignore this call for help — the cat was howling in pain in the background. Our client took her cat to the vet and we said we would cover any costs up to $500. The day after surgery, we went to check up on the cat and asked to speak to the vet about some issues we had with his office. The issue...

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Taking Dogs out of "Property" Status

Apr 22, 2012

A landmark court ruling is giving dogs increased legal status. And this is happening in Texas. Home to cowboys and guns. I see this ruling working its way to California, but it will not be coming to Canada any time soon. Canada is still working on updating our animal cruelty law from the 1800's! www.dogster.com/the-scoop This is good news for dogs, but apparently not such good news for vets. American Veterinary Medical Assoc1ation No one should be in shock over the AVMA's views on this. ...

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It's a small world after all - it's a small, small world

Mar 27, 2012

I am so lucky that I am able to travel to some amazing places. Two weeks ago I was in Costa Rica. One of my adventures took me to Bahia Drake Bay. While @ the Bay I met two lovely black dogs. The smaller of the two had a bad limp and one very compromised eye and was in considerable pain. I was so disheartened to leave this dog in this very bad condition knowing that the people living here did not have the money or means to get the dog to a vet. I had to be pulled away to get back to the doc...

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