You've Got Mail

Jun 13, 2016
The ongoing struggle to get rid of leftover garbage and junk from the previous tenants on our property is never ending.  But every so often we find buried treasure.  A classic metal mailbox was unearthed in our back field and we thought wouldn't it be fun to have a mailbox for Badger's fan mail.  It was polished up and mounted by the horse shelter.
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We had a Jane Goodall moment at the farm today

May 06, 2016
During the Thursday morning session with the children we noticed our chicken Henrietta spending a lot of time in her nesting box. She even had a thing or two to say to the bunny that came to visit her. One of the animal-assisted activities at the farm on Thursday afternoon was for the children to clean out the chicken shelter in the barn.....
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Beginnings of an animal sanctuary

Apr 15, 2016
When we first started our children's program in 2011, we partnered with two beautiful old mares (35 years old) who belonged to the owner of the property we were on.  Miss Morgan and Pudding were wonderful with the kids and were at large in the huge field out back by the pond.  Unfortunately, at the end of November, 2011, as it steadily got colder and their health was declining, both of the horses were euthanized  We all have wonderful memories of the...
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Think of Jane when you reach for that plastic bag

Apr 18, 2014

For the past three years, my husband Buzz has given myself and our three daughters season tickets to Unique Lives in Vancouver.  That's 4x5 (20) wrapped presents under the tree!  This has turned out to be my best Christmas present ever.  As a family we have had many wonderful experiences, but this one is all about learning on a global level which is priceless.  We meet for dinner, discuss the latest family news and then tackle the big issues facing the world, books we have re...

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Today I was ruminating...

Feb 01, 2014

Today I was ruminating (chewing my cud - which seemed fitting as I was heading out to the farm) about how wonderful my life is.  And this got me thinking that many people may think that my life has always been good and easy.  This in itself is not a significant thought that deserves a blog post.  But this does.....

I had darkness during my very young years.  This is when I discovered the amazing love given by animals and the Doctor Doolittle books.  Having both these th...

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