Our youngest SALI volunteers are hard at work for Connect Day

Oct 19, 2011

Max asked me how his school could help out for Connect Day. SALI was really short on cat food and we knew that there are a lot of cats in the homeless community. Max got to work and organized a cat food drive at Southridge Elementary School. You can see in this picture that his drive was a huge success.

Coltin and Kyren of Southridge highschool showed up at Connect Day early in the morning and got to work distributing the large bags of dog food into smaller, manageable bags for giveaways to...

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Find your inner lab

Sep 26, 2011

I just had the pleasure of meeting Dr Owen Garrett and Shirley Garrett. Both are very interested in becoming involved in SALI and SALI will be better for it!

Dr. Garrett has used many of Cesar Millans methods in his psychology practice and often says to his patients, "that to find the balance in their energies, they need to find their 'inner lab' (or whatever their favourite dog is)."

Owen and Shirley met with Cesar Millan last November and there is a wonderful article posted on www.cesarsway ...

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All deserve to enjoy the four-legged friendships that enhance our quality of life

Sep 12, 2011

I asked Jonquil Hallgate of the Surrey Urban Mission to write a couple stories for me about the people and pets that visit the mission for pet food that SALI delivers once a month.

One of our mission friends who relies on dog food is homeless. Jack cannot afford the costs of feeding his pal Max, but they have a bond that transcends many of those that people have with each other. They truly are a family. Recently Jack left the campsite that he had set up to attend an appointment. When he r...

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Wonder if SALI's Children's Garden will look like this someday?

Sep 04, 2011

Found this U Pick Flower and Country Store on the way home from SALI's Farm. Please check it out @ 3309 - 232nd Street, Langley. While we were there a wedding party was picking their own bridal bouquets.

$1.00 per Dahlia stem. Flowers the size of dinner plates! Every colour your heart desires.

SALI's Garden was very successful in the vegie category, but our flowers not so much. I asked Judy Terry (the owner) for some tips. I will work on a better flower show for the next group of ki...

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Christine and I are so thankful to all the people that made SALI's Farm a success!

Sep 03, 2011

I had a dream in 2005 to create a farm for at-risk children and it became a reality in 2011. It has been a lot of hard work and it is not for the faint of heart. But I have met so many amazing people along the way that I never would have. People that give unconditionally to help people and animals.

Here they all are celebrating at the farm - A JOB WELL DONE!

Melanie, Gerryann, Colleen, Carrie, Julina, Lesley, Christine, Kristin, Jane

This is the time line that Christine and I developed sta...

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