Today I was ruminating...

Feb 01, 2014

Today I was ruminating (chewing my cud - which seemed fitting as I was heading out to the farm) about how wonderful my life is.  And this got me thinking that many people may think that my life has always been good and easy.  This in itself is not a significant thought that deserves a blog post.  But this does.....

I had darkness during my very young years.  This is when I discovered the amazing love given by animals and the Doctor Doolittle books.  Having both these th...

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It's not about tax receipts, it's about hope.

Dec 31, 2013

As I visit the posts on Facebook and see all the year end messages, I have been struggling with my own.  And then today it hit me.  My message is one of hope.  So many non-profits are reminding everyone that the last hours are upon us to donate to receive a 2013 tax receipt.  This may be true, but it doesn't say what needs to be said.  SALI receives support and donations because people believe in what we do, not because they want a tax receipt. 

We have accomplished...

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It's raining boys!

Jul 15, 2013

Our first two groups of children this year at SALI's Farm were all boys.  One group from a Surrey school Social Development class, and one group from a Surrey transition house.  This was very unusual as the groups in our first two years have been mostly girls.  Now our third group this year again is all boys.  This really brought home information I read in one of my school textbooks, Gail Melson's Why the Wild Things are: Animals in the lives of children. 

Melson says, ...

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Wherein animals are more important than people

Jun 25, 2013

Earlier this month I mentioned on Facebook that Shelley Fralic would be getting a stern letter from me in reply to her June 7th article in the Vancouver Sun.

You can read the article here:

Upon reflection, I have decided to instead send her an invitation to tour SALI's Farm.  My main reasoning is because I have too many times met people who have a hierarchical view of giving a helping hand and it...

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Evil visited this community today

Dec 15, 2012

This is another difficult post to write.  There are no words.  But, silence is not going to help us.  Violence against our most vulnerable continues.  I do not agree with the headline, "Evil visited this community today."  Rather, evil has been brewing in this community (and other communities) for many years.  An important prevention/intervention piece is missing in our culture that allows the perpetrators to devise and commit these acts. In many cases it takes year...

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