It's a small world after all - it's a small, small world

Mar 27, 2012

I am so lucky that I am able to travel to some amazing places. Two weeks ago I was in Costa Rica. One of my adventures took me to Bahia Drake Bay. While @ the Bay I met two lovely black dogs. The smaller of the two had a bad limp and one very compromised eye and was in considerable pain. I was so disheartened to leave this dog in this very bad condition knowing that the people living here did not have the money or means to get the dog to a vet. I had to be pulled away to get back to the doc...

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My last will and testament

Mar 01, 2012

I hadn't updated my will since my younger daughter was a baby (she is now 21). And in 2003 our family grew by one with the addition of our dog Montana. It took over a month to work through all the gut wrenching decisions of my deepest wishes for my family when I am gone. Our lawyer advised me that I need not include my dog in our will, but I was adamant that he would be included and his wants and needs taken care of.

I know my kids will be there for Montana if I am gone. But like some of tho...

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Meet Julina - SALI's Farm volunteer

Feb 06, 2012

Ever since I was a child I have always loved animals! Volunteering with SALI was wonderful because I gained valuable experience working with children while also working with animals. I'm at school to become an elementary school teacher so I first came to SALI to gain experience with children and was delighted to find out I would also be working with animals.

I had the opportunity to interact with animals that I would not regularly interact with like: horses, donkeys and chickens!

Working with...

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Animal Welfare groups should pay close attention to cases of child abuse

Jan 27, 2012

Facebook has been inundated with graphic stories and pictures of animal cruelty this week. Cruelty seems to be too tame a word for the suffering purposely inflicted on a powerless living being. It hit me like a ton of bricks again. The sickening waves travelled from the pit of my stomach to my heart. I couldn't take any more. I took some much needed quiet time tonight and dug deep into the heart of the issue that so many Animal Group Facebook pages are not talking about;

Animal cruelty beg...

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MLA Jagrup Brar - SALI challenges you to foster a dog for your Welfare Challenge

Jan 16, 2012

Dear Mr. Brar: Your commitment to spending a month on the street is commendable. I am always excited with any initiative that gives the homeless a voice. However, I would like to address an issue that has been missing from the media coverage of your Welfare Challenge. Many homeless people, people in danger of becoming homeless and those living in poverty have pets. Pets nurture at-risk people when they have lost all family and friends. Pets create a sense of family, love and support. Pets create...

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