Warning: Graphic photo of wound* First you're worried - and then you're proud

Oct 30, 2017
We've never rescued a cow before, let along a cow with serious injuries, and as Gracie was being unloaded off the trailer we were told she was pregnant. So began Cow 101.
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Enchanted Evening at the Farm

Oct 14, 2017
From the prep, magic and clean up of the wedding right into set-up for the Gala!  We had 136 guests join us on a beautiful evening at the farm. How did we manage to get a beautiful warm, sunny day again for the 6th year in a row?
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Healing Hearts One Rooster Hug at a Time

Sep 27, 2017
When I first started SALI's Farm, I had a picture in mind of helping many different species of animals. But I never pictured what the health care would look like. Well, now I have a better idea and it is awesome! We have a whole team of volunteers at the farm who take care of our animals and we can provide a very high level of care. Although I am very careful to not overwhelm everyone with too many special needs at one time. If you like to know more, check out our latest medical journey with Louise. I will share our journey with Gracie next. We've been treating Louise's infections on his toes since June!
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We got a call

Aug 12, 2017
It is Sunday morning [Aug 6th] and we got a call that a farmer is ready to give up a blind cow to us. And we asked if we could take one of her friends which happens to be a .....
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Jul 23, 2017
I still can't believe we lost Ellie. She survived months with a deformed leg, then full recovery from her amputation surgery only to succumb to a blasted respiratory failure. She always had a difficult time with her breathing, but the recent heat wave took it's toll on her.
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