Jul 23, 2017
I still can't believe we lost Ellie. She survived months with a deformed leg, then full recovery from her amputation surgery only to succumb to a blasted respiratory failure. She always had a difficult time with her breathing, but the recent heat wave took it's toll on her.
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Jul 18, 2017
​How can such a small being make such a huge impact in so many lives? Our beautiful Jamaica died last week. I found her dead inside her outdoor rabbitat on Wednesday on her side fully stretched out. I've talked to a few rabbit rescue people and they think it looks like she had a heart attack.
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Back to the Future

Jun 18, 2017
Can you imagine being so inspired by something, that you started the same program where you live? You visit them before you get started and then again 8 years later after running your program for 6 years?
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Apr 23, 2017
I love books. I’ve probably spent enough on books to buy a new car. I am a better person because of books. My life is richer because of books. My eyes have been opened many times because of books. One of my earliest memories involves a book.
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A chick named Louise

Feb 04, 2017
At the farm, people are often confused why we haven't changed Louise's name to a boy's name, for example Lou? And after our press release on Louise in late January, we started fielding many comments that were upset over his girl's name. Hence the reason for this blog post:
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