Apr 23, 2017
I love books. I’ve probably spent enough on books to buy a new car. I am a better person because of books. My life is richer because of books. My eyes have been opened many times because of books. One of my earliest memories involves a book.
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A chick named Louise

Feb 04, 2017
At the farm, people are often confused why we haven't changed Louise's name to a boy's name, for example Lou? And after our press release on Louise in late January, we started fielding many comments that were upset over his girl's name. Hence the reason for this blog post:
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January Photo Album

Jan 28, 2017
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Empathy is a verb

Jan 15, 2017
I would love to lead a workshop on helping people embrace their "lightbulb moments." These moments can change our journey, can change our world, can help us be a better person. I've had several of these moments..... My hope is that the SALI's Farm experience can be a child's lightbulb moment for them.
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Happy New Year

Dec 30, 2016
Just thinking about all we've accomplished in 2016 at the farm makes me tired :) If we could put all of our energies and passion into a bottle - we would make a fortune selling it. Instead you’ve given that gift for free to help children and animals. That is truly love put into action. I am feeling a little bit physically exhausted because life at the farm has been so much work with this crazy weather.
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