Year of the Rooster

Jan 04, 2018
This time last year, we flew into the Year of the Rooster with Louise finding his way into so many of the hearts and minds of people who had never given a second thought to chickens, let alone roosters. Because of Louise's gregarious nature, he became a media darling and many news outlets and social media shared his story. We still receive emails from people who heard of SALI's Farm by way of Louise!
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It takes a village to keep a barn warm and dry

Dec 29, 2017
I anticipated a very wet barn again unless we could come up with a repair for the barn roof.
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8 weeks go by so fast

Nov 19, 2017
This was the first group to interact with Gracie & Peanut and they were a huge hit with the kids. One of the Animal-Assisted Activities was to give Peanut her bottle, but that was quickly taken off the list.
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Warning: Graphic photo of wound* First you're worried - and then you're proud

Oct 30, 2017
We've never rescued a cow before, let along a cow with serious injuries, and as Gracie was being unloaded off the trailer we were told she was pregnant. So began Cow 101.
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Enchanted Evening at the Farm

Oct 14, 2017
From the prep, magic and clean up of the wedding right into set-up for the Gala!  We had 136 guests join us on a beautiful evening at the farm. How did we manage to get a beautiful warm, sunny day again for the 6th year in a row?
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