Creature Feature: Henrietta

May 08, 2018
Perhaps more of a beautiful wallflower than an attention sponge, Henrietta may not garner as much in-your-face attention as some of the other members of the SALI herd but that doesn’t mean she captures fewer hearts. Forever the “sister of the patient," she graciously lets Louise bask in the spotlight but there’s no question who runs the roost. In fact, in many origins, the name Henrietta means “Ruler of the Home." A delightful discovery that fits perfectly - just one of the many coincidental (or not) hidden gems behind the stories of our rescue animals.
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Volunteer Spotlight: Shawn Soucy

Apr 07, 2018
You'd think Shawn had joined us at the very beginning considering how much he's contributed. In such a short time, he's made a difference in the lives of all our animals and many at-risk children. Along the way, he's created, filmed, built, repaired, drummed, injured himself many times, and has become such a valued member of our farm family. "There’s a rewarding energy that comes to us when we volunteer without expectation. I’m sure ALL the volunteers feel it."
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Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease (RHD)

Mar 29, 2018
This deadly and contagious disease is on our doorstep and SALI's Farm is taking measures to keep our bunnies safe.
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Volunteer Spotlight: Dawn Gilfillan

Mar 10, 2018
Our first inkling of Dawn's passion "to make it happen and have fun along the way," was the Black Tails & Boots Gala in 2012.  Back then we ran our Children's Program out of M&M Connemaras. Our gala was in their back garden that had a pool. Dawn was running the Rubber Duck station, our guests could buy a yellow duckie for $25, and a chance to win a House Boat Cruise. Dawn had a goal of selling 60 ducks and said, " I'll jump in the pool if we reach 60."  Well, she reached her goal, did a canon ball into the pool and we had to help her warm up because she hadn't brought a change of clothes!
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Squeeze Chute

Mar 04, 2018
It's gotta be around 8 years ago that I started to read Temple Grandin's books and learned about her research into the common traits of animals (especially cows) and autism. When Gracie and Peanut came to our farm sanctuary, I was excited to see her research in action!
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