Creature Feature: Secret

Jul 14, 2018
It’s hard to miss the striking beauty of SALI’s latest rescue, Secret. The 18 year old mare is often the first animal to be seen as you drive down the lane, enjoying the delicious growth in the paddock paradise. Secret contrasts beautifully amongst her glorious “brothers”, Badger who is darker & Chase who is lighter, with her rich chestnut coat and dark mane. She is long and lean and moves about the fields with an eloquent finesse.
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Volunteer Spotlight: Jane Thrall

Jun 21, 2018
When I initially moved to the White Rock area I was newly retired and looking for a way to contribute to the community and make connections. SALIs farm was the perfect fit for me; the volunteers and organizers are friendly and open, the animals offer unconditional love, and the opportunity to help at risk children is very rewarding.
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Creature Feature: Elvis

Jun 18, 2018
If a farm can have a Maître D, Elvis is undoubtedly the man, (er, cat) for the job. One who oversees all the going’s on while all the while eluding major tasks but assuming full responsibility. Elvis was the first SALI member to greet me on his own accord. He sauntered up in his perfectly tailored black and white tuxedo, looked in my eyes, rubbed my shins and in that moment knew I would be welcomed into the herd.
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Volunteer Spotlight: Corinne Ayers

May 10, 2018
As we all know, at the heart of SALI is the Children's Program and at the heart of the Children's Program is our wonderful Corinne. In 2012, when Keryn wanted an opinion regarding our first rescue animal Badger and whether he would fit into her vision of the type of animals that she thought would be best with the children on the farm, she asked an expert horsewoman, her friend Corinne.
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Creature Feature: Henrietta

May 08, 2018
Perhaps more of a beautiful wallflower than an attention sponge, Henrietta may not garner as much in-your-face attention as some of the other members of the SALI herd but that doesn’t mean she captures fewer hearts. Forever the “sister of the patient," she graciously lets Louise bask in the spotlight but there’s no question who runs the roost. In fact, in many origins, the name Henrietta means “Ruler of the Home." A delightful discovery that fits perfectly - just one of the many coincidental (or not) hidden gems behind the stories of our rescue animals.
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