Creature Feature: Starbucks

Sep 29, 2018
Affectionately referred to as Grandma, Starbucks is the largest rabbit in the SALIs farm fluffle. Her brown fur has the illusion of salt and pepper speckle and her fuzzy underlay tuft is as soft as it looks. Though Starbucks is an Agouti breed, when her ears are forward and down she almost puts on the air of the popular French Lop. We know her size is the unnatural result of being bred for meat but boy do those extra rolls make her look extra cuddly, if that’s even possible for a rabbit. Lucky to have been saved from her intended grave purpose, she owns her beauty as a sign of strength and survival.
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Volunteer Spotlight: Tatiana Tomljanovic

Sep 27, 2018
I found SALI around the time I stopped walking around in a sleepless zombie daze due entirely to being a new mom. My passion is working with at-risk children so I Googled "at-risk kids" and "South Surrey" and up popped this incredible website called SALI. I emailed Keryn and asked if there was any communications or media relations support I could provide SALI with from home. She was so receptive and kind, I knew right away that SALI was something special.
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Why I became vegan?

Aug 26, 2018
So many people have asked me why I am a vegan so here goes …. It makes me happy!
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Volunteer Spotlight: Ryan Cheys

Jul 15, 2018
I wanted to make better use of my free time as well as doing something active and helpful in the community. SALI’s mission statement has always stuck with me …“to honour, respect and protect the animal human bond” as well as “for people to improve the lives of animals, and for the animals to improve the lives of people”. This remains to be a big part of why I spend every Saturday afternoon at SALI’s farm. I think these animals have really improved my life, and I would like to think that I have improved theirs. I will be forever thankful to the people at SALI for giving me this great opportunity to contribute, in my own way.
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Creature Feature: Secret

Jul 14, 2018
It’s hard to miss the striking beauty of SALI’s latest rescue, Secret. The 18 year old mare is often the first animal to be seen as you drive down the lane, enjoying the delicious growth in the paddock paradise. Secret contrasts beautifully amongst her glorious “brothers”, Badger who is darker & Chase who is lighter, with her rich chestnut coat and dark mane. She is long and lean and moves about the fields with an eloquent finesse.
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