Ruby Tuesday

Apr 06, 2019
Ruby came to us on a sunny day in July and we said our goodbyes to her on a beautiful sunny day in March. How could 9 months go by so fast? Summer, Fall and Winter in the blink of an eye and Spring just around the corner. So close, but it was not meant to be.
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Creature Feature: Pearl

Feb 25, 2019
“She was my friend.” Young SALI volunteer Baden Klein says so much about Pearl’s extraordinary life with this one simple sentence. For the very idea of a turkey giving and receiving true friendship is not generally a widespread idea or understanding. Pearl, a Broad Breasted White Turkey was originally destined for a much more grim purpose as a factory bird. And while she may have left us all sooner than we were ready for, she undoubtedly outlived many of her peers while surrounded by the love and care other turkeys are tragically never granted.
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Chris Mayworm: Part One

Jan 18, 2019
The main reason behind the success of our Animal-Assisted Intervention Program is our Program Director, Christine Mayworm M.S., RCC. How did she end up developing a farm program for at-risk children and rescued farm animals? It's a great story that needs to start at the beginning as told by Chris. My earliest memory of “what do I want to be when I grow up" was I wanted to be a “social worker.” At the time, growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, my goal was to work with inner city kids. My route in college was not a straight line towards that goal. Initially I got into special education, then speech and language pathology provided me with a bachelor’s degree. The reality (therapy rooms, clipboards and lab coats) was so far removed from what I envisioned that I knew this was not the way for me.
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Clyde's final days

Dec 29, 2018
This post may not be suitable for all readers. The reason for this post is to help all his friends and friends of the farm understand Clyde's diagnosis, treatment and untimely death. I will be sharing another post that will celebrate his life, all his special friends and the joy he brought so many. But I felt this one needs to be written first. Clyde taught us so many things in his short life and many lessons on the care of farm animals. Through our three years together, I do have regrets, but at the end of the day Clyde had a wonderful happy life at the farm, gave so many people joy, and he was saved from slaughter.
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TELUS Community Ambassadors

Nov 27, 2018
What would you do if you got an email from a group you had never met to say that they had a $1,000 donation for you?  
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